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Solution ProviderOSDP Product TypeCountry (of parent company)Survey Updated
Amag ACU (PACS) United Kingdom July 2019
Arcules (division of Canon / Milestone) ACU (PACS) Japan September 2019
Averics ACU (PACS) July 2019
Avigilon (division of Motorola) ACU (PACS) United States June 2019
Axis Communications (division of Canon) ACU (PACS) Japan June 2019
Axtraxng ACU (PACS) July 2019
Azure Access ACU United States April 2019
Biosmart PD (Bio) June 2019
Bosch PD (Reader) January 2019
Bosch ACU (PACS) January 2019
BQT Solutions PD (Reader) June 2019
Brivo ACU (PACS) United States April 2018
CDVI PD (Reader) Canada March 2020
CEM (division of Johnson Controls) ACU Ireland February 2019
Chiyu Technology Co. Ltd PD (Reader) Taiwan June 2019
CiVinTec PD (Reader) China May 2019
Conlan PD (non-reader) Denmark March 2019
Controlsoft ACU (PACS) June 2019
Cypress Integration Solutions PD United States April 2019
Cypress Integration Solutions ACU United States April 2019
Dahua Reader (PD) China May 2019
Deister PD (Reader) Germany July 2019
Dirak PD(Reader) Germany March 2020
Eye Lock Reader (PD Bio) June 2018
Farpointe (division of DormaKaba) Reader (PD) Switzerland November 2018
Feenics PACS (ACU) United States June 2018
Gallagher ACU (PACS) New Zealand June 2019
Gallagher PD (Reader) New Zealand November 2019
Genetec PACS (ACU) Canada January 2019
Grosvenor ACU (PACS) United Kingdom July 2019
Guard RFID Solutions PD (Reader) Canada September 2019
HID (division of Assa Abloy) Reader (PD) Sweden April 2019
Hikvision PACS (ACU) China March 2019
Honeywell PACS (ACU) June 2019
Hundure Technology Company Ltd Reader (PD) Taiwan June 2019
ID Enhancements Reader (PD) June 2019
Identiv Reader (PD) United States April 2017
Idesco Reader (PD) Finland June 2019
INID Reader (PD) Netherlands January 2015
Inner Range Reader (PD) November 2018
Innometriks (division of JCI) PD (Bio) Ireland July 2019
Integrated Control Technology Ltd ACU (PACS) July 2019
ITK Security Reader (PD) Germany May 2019
LAPB Systems PACS (ACU) Mexico June 2019
LenelS2 (division of UTC Carrier) PACS (ACU) United States April 2019
Maxxess PACS (ACU) United States January 2019
Memory Systems PACS (ACU) June 2019
Mercury Security (division of Assa Abloy / HID) ACU Sweden April 2019
Mercury Security (division of Assa Abloy / HID) Non-Reader PD Sweden April 2015
Monitor Dynamics PACS (ACU) June 2019
Morpho (division of Idemia) Reader (PD Bio) France January 2017
Nedap Reader (PD) January 2019
Nox Systems Reader (PD) Liechtenstein November 2018
Open Options (division of ACRE) PACS (ACU) United States June 2019
QuiAccess PD (Reader) Belgium June 2019
RBH PD (Reader) Canada November 2019
Rosslare PACS (ACU) June 2019
RS2 (division of ACRE) PACS (ACU) United States June 2019
Schlage (Allegion) PD (Reader) July 2019
Security Engineering PD (I/O) Denmark July 2019
Selea Non-Reader PD Italy November 2018
Sensurity Non-Reader PD May 2019
Software House (division of Johnson Controls) PACS (ACU) Ireland August 2018
Stanley Reader (PD) November 2018
STid PD (Reader) France June 2019
Suprema PD (Bio) Korea, Republic Of June 2019
Telcred ACU (PACS) July 2019
Third Millenium PD (Reader) June 2019
Unidentified Vendor 1 Russian Federation April 2019
Unidentified Vendor 2 Russian Federation April 2019
Unidentified Vendor 3 Russian Federation April 2019
Vanderbilt Industries (division of ACRE) PD (Reader) United States May 2019
Veridt PD (Reader, Bio) January 2017
Virdi PD (Bio) June 2019
Wavelynx PD (Reader) United States July 2019
ZKTeco PD (Bio) Taiwan July 2019
ZKTeco ACU (PACS) July 2019